Advantages of the HortiRec system

The figures on the left show the advantages of the HortiRec system compared to traditional cultivating.


When using the HortiRec system CO2 concentration levels in the greenhouse can be kept high during the year without CO2 disappearing through the windows. This results in increased production of better quality.

heating output

By making use of the HortiRec system you are able to realize significant energy savings through advanced heat recovery, the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse can be held constant and evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse.

payback time

The HortiRec system realizes such a good return the payback time is low.

Would you like to know what the HortiRec system could mean for you and your specific situation, please contact us!

*HortiRec stands for the complete system where the windows stay closed.

*Semi-closed stands for the HortiRec system where the windows are opened at peak loads.

*Windows shows the situation without the HortiRec system.