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The ideal greenhouse climate

One of the most important factors in order to grow high quality products is the climate in your greenhouse. Temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and lighting must all be in the right proportion.

Creating an ideal greenhouse climate usually involves the loss of precious energy. Heat and moisture are wasted to the outside when the windows of the greenhouse are opened. Furthermore, CO2 is lost to the outside and your crop is exposed to external influences at the risk of plant diseases. Click on the image below for a presentation on the working principle of the HortiRec system.







Project status

After successful tests with a prototype of the HortiRec system in a test center of the HAS in Den Bosch (in corporation with PT, Hagelunie and LTO), the project is close to the production phase. The first injection molded parts of the casing of the HortiRec system have arrived. In the short term we are able to start with the assembly of the various components of the final system. A logical next step is to find a suitable pilot project, where the added value of the HortiRec system can be demonstrated in practice We therefore invite interested parties to contact us.