* A picture of the out and inside of the HortiRec system


* A schematic representaion of the working principle of the HortiRec system

HortiRec: climate control without costly energy loss

The HortiRec system is designed to give the horticulturist the ability to control and maintain the desired humidity, temperature and CO2 level in the greenhouse, without having to open the windows in the greenhouse. By making use of heat recovery energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. The CO2 level in the greenhouse can be kept high without the CO2 leaving the greenhouse through the windows. The system makes it possible to maintain a constant climate.

The modular HortiRec system can also be applied in semi-closed greenhouses: only at peak loads the windows have to be openend.

In addition to the energy and CO2 savings the HortiRec system gives many opportunities to control the climate for the horticulturist. Because the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels can be set accurately and can be dispersed homogeneously you have a greater influence on the growth of your plants. This does not only account for increased production but also the quality of the crop will be better.

Hortirec operation system

The HortiRec system is based on the enthalpy exchange in two enthalpy recuperators, which make use of the amply tried and tested heat exchanger (recuperator). The air-to-air heat exchangers are provided with a mechanism, through which, in addition to the conventional sensible heat the latent (moisture) heat is transferred, so that the overall heat transfer is more than doubled. These so-called enthalpy recuperators ensures high dehumidification and cooling capacity. Both of these recuperators are combined in a single unit each performing a specific task. With the use of fans air from outside the greenhouse and from inside the greenhouse are transferred separately through the unit in order to preserve the CO2. The HortiRec system can be operated in two modes. In the heating mode, heat is recovered, and is also dehumidified. In the cooling mode the air is cooled, dehumidified or when necessary humidified. The basis for the success of the HortiRec system is that with very little (electrical) energy input a very large (heat and dehumidification) energy output is obtained. The entire greenhouse is also optimally controlled to the desired moisture deficit.

The benefits of the HortiRec system for your greenhouse summarized

  • reduction in energy costs
  • homogeneous greenhouse conditions
  • increased influence on the quality of your crops
  • increased production
  • maintaining desired CO2 and humidity levels
  • lower use of CO2
  • the modular structure of the HortiRec system enables it to be applicable to your specific situation, from semi-closed to fully closed greenhouses.